FIFA, the organisation currently working on the decline of the global game, have added another item to their project. Banning the poppy due to FIFA’s rule on political symbols is completely disrespectful to those who have sacrificed themselves, and those who are still fighting for our country.

The timing of this insensitive, unnecessary ban is also poor, 100 years on from the middle of World War I. But perhaps West Brom’s Irish midfielder James McClean has got a new role as a FIFA advisor.

England and Scotland players will both wear the poppies in their Armistice Day friendly on November 11. It’s fantastic that the FA’s from both countries are willing to risk a points deduction for sticking to their principles. England & Scotland are sending out a statement to the world, further exposing FIFA as the mercenaries of the game that they are.


Scotland’s laughter at their neighbours’ pitiful Euro exit only distracted them from the pain of being the only home nation to watch behind a TV screen.

But the FA have finally given us something to make us proud to be British, after the embarrassment of Big Sam-gate, which led to Gareth South-gate entering the poisoned chalice. And even Theresa May hitting out at FIFA displays how united we can be as a nation.


Restoring some pride back into Scottish, and English football has been a long time coming. Now all we need is a decent team on the pitch!