It’s safe to say I’ve neglected this blog badly. Some worrying affairs have happened since my last post – Trump has been elected, a man is on the verge of turning himself into a genderless alien and Ed Sheeran’s whole album is in the top 40. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to update this more regularly.

All season long I’d been eagerly awaiting the Nottingham Forest v Brentford game – my team against my new local club.

I got the dreaded text from my brother saying the car had broken down near Watford Gap services, and him and my dad wouldn’t be able to make it. I was gutted – I’d even been promised a free pre-match meal! Luckily a couple of pals saved the day and we set off to the picturesque City Ground.

Underworld’s Born Slippy (one of the greatest all-time songs!) played as the players emerged for kick-off and we took our seats. The 432 Bees’ following was decent considering it was midweek, although it was odd bumping into another mate inside the stadium on 4 different occasions. And we certainly created a buzz, with the below picture capturing the fans in full voice. (Would’ve added a video but can’t afford the premium blog!)

Who are ya Forest
Engaging with the Nottingham Forest supporters (red jacket)

Unlike our family car, the Bees motored on smoothly, with Jota – Brentford’s answer to George Best – running rings round the hapless Forest defence and scoring in the process. The 2-3 scoreline should’ve been more comfortable after we sailed into a 0-3 lead, but the damage was done.

The night was full of amusement, with Brentford fans joining in with Chelsea Dagger when it blared out the soundsystem after Forest’s first goal.

It felt surreal giving it large to the Forest fans, knowing that I probably walked past some of them the next day whilst proudly wearing my Brentford shirt. Thankfully I didn’t receive any “full-kit w***er” shouts; I guess people kept their thoughts to themselves that day.

Aside from my family not making it, Nottingham Forest away was a great night that I’ve waited for 18 months to experience. And my mate was so impressed with his first Brentford away day that we’re heading up the Trent to see the Bees take on Burton next week. You reds!

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Trent End empty
Empty Trent End at full-time