This blog offers a voice speaking out against the faults of modern-day football, whilst also reporting on the brighter side of the game!

I have been a Brentford supporter ever since my dad took me to my first game at Griffin Park in 2001 (a 2-0 win over Port Vale). Since this time I’ve noticed the considerable changes in the game across different levels, from the Football League, Premier League and the international stage.

I am also a keen follower of Germany’s football culture. Though I’m yet to even visit the country, everything I’ve read, watched and heard about their system is exciting. And it is a model that England needs to imitate in order to keep up or face being left further behind the nation of the World Cup Champions.

There will also be some pieces on other sport, as I follow tennis and snooker closely as well.

I am writing most of these updates from the kitchen of a flat in Nottingham, where I study Journalism at NTU.